Araburu Kisetsu

“Why does everyone want to know about ‘that’? What’s so special about ‘that’ anyway? Do you want to know about ‘that’ too?”

The ‘that’ refers to sex, and comes from the opening of one of the more enjoyable anime shows this season, Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo, aka O Maidens in Your Savage Season. It’s the story of five girls in the literature club who become extremely sensitized to the subject through their reading of steamy scenes in romantic books until each is driven crazy by the new feelings rising within them. It’s a story that captures all the awkwardness of school life from a girl’s perspective, and it’s great fun to watch it all unfold.

As I’ve pointed out, the current anime season might be the most perverted ever, with a large number of shows providing visual titillation for fans’ enjoyment. Series like Tejina Senpai, HenSuki, Sounan Desu Ka? and Thicc Mommy MILF Online have been a lot of fun for fans who like to share sexy gifs and memes on the Internet. But what I like about Araburu Kisetsu is that it offers “situational” fan service that engages our brains and hearts, rather than merely stimulating our visual centers with images of pantsu. As a guy, it also gives us the opportunity to think about sex from a girl’s point of view.

The five girls are

  • Kazusa, the main character. She has feelings for her childhood friend Izumi, and when she accidentally walks in on him at a private moment these feelings come to a boil.
  • Sonozaki, the president of the literature club. She has a love/hate relationship with sex, preferring to experience it through flowery novels but hating direct references to lewdness. When a boy in her class confesses his feelings to her, she makes him write a 50-page report on what he sees in her.
  • Hongou, a budding erotic novelist who’s desperate to experience real love so she can write better. When a random guy she’s sexting with online turns out to be her teacher, she blackmails him into becoming the club’s advisor.
  • Sugawara Niina, an extremely beautiful girl who hates being objectified by males yet who is fascinated by sex. When she announces, “I’m going to die soon,” she’s talking about the girl she is now dying, to be replaced by the woman she will soon become. Or so we hope.
  • Momoko, the shy best friend of Kazusa. She initially goes along with the other girls’ new interest in having relationships with boys, but as time progresses, she realizes she’s romantically attracted to girls, especially to Kazusa. I just love surprise yuri twists in my anime.

Will you be watching how the Araburu Kisetsu anime? How do you think each girl’s story will turn out? Tell us on Twitter!

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