Big Breasts Fill A Man's Hand Flat Chest Fill A Man's Heart

Do Big Breasts Fill a Man’s Hand?

One thing fans like to do is divide themselves into opposing camps and endlessly debate alternate sides of an issue online. Subs or dubs? Shounen or seinen? Fan service vs. no fan service? Plot or backstory? Blue or green shimapan? Currently one of the top shows is Darling in the Franxx, and fans are divided about whether the best waifu of the show is the cute childhood friend Ichigo or the enigmatic Zero Two, and there’s the usual amount of heated debate about who the “best grill” of the season really is.

Another things fans love to debate is which is better, big boobs or smaller ones, and the fascination with flat-chested anime characters by fans who make memes like 貧乳は正義! hinnyu wa seigi! (“flat is justice!”) or “big breasts fill a man’s hand, flat chests fill a man’s heart” is interesting to me as a watcher of the anime industry. The concept of moe is about the feelings of love and protectiveness we feel for small, cute (usually) female characters who possess certain physical or personality imperfections that are adorable in some way. In Lucky Star, these are defined as “elements of moe,” and Miyuki is a moe character because of her huge glasses, the clumsy way she falls asleep on the train and misses her stop, and her unreasonable fear of going to the dentist. Another cute “element of moe” is a flat chest, specifically a character who obsesses over having one in a cute way, which is charming to many anime fans. Because “when you hug a flat chested girl, you’re closer to her heart.”

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