Vampire Girl

It’s been an interesting anime season so far this October. We’ve seen an anime about a guy who gets resurrected as a slime monster, a show that will make you hate goblins, the first “zombie idol” concept plus the best bunny girl since Haruhi. Another show I’ve been following is the totally cute Tonari no Kyuketsuki-san, aka The Vampire Next Door, which can be best summed up as “Kin’iro Mosaic but with anime vampire jokes.” It’s the story of Sophie, a 340-year-old vampire living in Japan, and a girl named Akari, who becomes obsessed with Sophie because she’s “cute, like a doll.” If you want to watch an adorable show about the friendship between cute girls with lots of jokes about drinking blood and otaku culture, Sophie is the anime vampire for you.

What we call “slice of life” anime in the West is known as nichijou-kei (daily life-related) in Japanese, and the genre has been very popular, giving us such hits as Lucky Star, Yuru Yuri, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Non-Non Biyori and Yuru Camp. While I’m always happy to watch a well-written anime series with a great goal that needs to be reached (Made in Abyss, ERASED), a love relationship that needs resolution (Waiting in the Summer, Toradora), or a final destination the characters need to end up at (Your Lie in April, Ano Hana), I’m also down to end my day by turning on a nice low-drama slice slice of life show and just enjoy the jokes and situations. There’s never any serious progression of the story, and it’s all about the characters and the cuteness, and that’s just fine.

Are you a fan of anime vampires? What’s your favorite slice of life anime series? Tell us on Twitter!

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