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Don’t you envy anime main characters? They’re always in just the right spot to catch a glimpse of something soft and frilly, or get boobs in the face, or even more. They find themselves at the center of harems, with sexy girls throwing themselves at them. And in the case of the currently-airing Joshiochi!: 2-kai kara Onnanoko ga… Futtekita!? (“Joshi-Ochi: Girls Are…Falling Into My Room From the Second Floor!?”), they’re actually raining down from the sky.

Joshiochi! is the story of Aikawa, a standard anime MC who lives in an apartment with a busty big-hearted manager named Yuki. When a budding actress named Sunao moves into the apartment above, Aikawa is forced to ask her to keep the noise down so he can sleep. Imagine the surprise when the floor of the old apartment building gives way, causing Sunao to fall through from the second floor, right on top of Aikawa in the sexiest way possible? It starts an erotic love triangle between Aikawa, Sunao and Yuki that’s enjoyable, as each girl tries to steal Aikawa for herself.

I like Joshiochi! for several reasons, including that it’s got a fun ecchi story with surprisingly excellent production values. I also like it because (the version I’m watching) is a “near hentai” without being fully sexual. (Note: the version I’m watching is rated PG-13, but there’s an alternate version that shows full sex scenes, albeit with heavy mosaic censorship. Check that version if you want to see “bobs and vegana.”) To me, the best “ero” anime stops short of showing actual sex, and one of my all-time favorite anime series is Kiss x Sis, which is supremely sexy without actually crossing the line.

I also like that the Joshiochi! anime features character designs by the famous Satoshi Urushihara, creator of the legendary Plastic Little [NSFW link], which was my personal introduction to hentai back in 1994. In an industry where artists are lucky to get 10 years of work before fading away, Urushihara-sensei has managed to keep going for almost 30+ years. I’m happy to promote and evangelize anything he’s involved with. So give the Joshiochi! anime a watch!

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