Anime Dating Advice Sakano

Dating is always a challenge, especially when you’re a shy anime fan without direct experience in the dating world. Happily, there’s a surprising amount of anime dating advice that can be found in the anime world, which might just be useful in making your romantic dreams come true. I asked J-List’s Twitter followers to help suggest some sage advice anime gave them, and here’s what we came up with!

monthly girl's nozaki-kun

If you want to learn how to date, you could practice with a dating-sim game. We’ve got lots of them for you.

Kaguya Sama Plays Hunnie Pop

Or maybe put in some time on Hunnie Pop to learn the ins and outs of interacting with females.

Anime Dating Advice Walk In The Rain

The Japanese find walking in the rain with the person you love to be very romantic. Try that with your crush!

Love Confession

The core of finding true love is to confess your feelings to the person so that you can get them out in the open. Who knows? You might find you have a lot more in common with them than you think.

anime kiss

In order to find love, sometimes you have to be a little bold. Just do it and don’t look back.

How To Get A Boyfriend

I mean, it’s not like girls can just flash their boobs and get a boyfriend just like that. Nothing is that easy.


Guys can try kabedon, which is when you slam one arm against the wall behind her. According to Kaguya-sama, cornering a girl like this creates a reaction of unease which can change to tokimeki, sending her heart aflutter, if you do it right.

Dating Advice I Get A Lot Of Hoes Haircut

If you want to date more girls, just get your hair cut like this. Problem solved!

Anime dating advice about lingerie

Girls always have the option of going for a home run with their best lingerie. I have zero complaints.

My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Fetish

If you have questions about a new partner, feel free to ask them. Communication is important in any relationship.

Yamada's first time

Also, if you’ve got a certain goal in mind with a new partner, it’s okay to tell the other person honestly. Though maybe not on the first date.

Yuru Yuri Movie

If you want to get close to someone, why not invite them to a movie? It could be just the thing!

How to troll your crush, by Takagi-san

Or maybe take your crush shopping for swimsuits or underwear. This will get him or her imagining what you look like with nothing on.

Harem Anime

Whenever you get a harem of beautiful girls around you, be sure to misunderstand every situation so that they keep throwing themselves at you forever. It’s so easy!

Anime Dating Advice Make The Boy Ask You Out

Sometimes, traditional dating practices should be maintained. I’m an old-fashioned guy in this regard.

Sailor Moon Wear Clean Underwear Before A Date

Sailor Moon reminds us to always put on clean underwear before a date, in case it’s going to be seen by that special someone. Yes, these are actual subtitles from the original series.

Wotakoi Otaku Dating

The idea that anime fans have to choose between their hobby and dating someone in the real world is silly. Every time I start a thread on this topic on social media, there are guys lamenting not having a girl who’s understanding of his anime habit…and lonely girls, too, doing the same thing. Just find each other! There is literally no problem that can’t be solved.

Anime Dating Advice Confidence

One thing that I’ve learned personally is that confidence is all a guy really needs to appeal to a female. If you have confidence, great. If you don’t, then “cosplay” as a person with confidence for a while, until it feels more natural to you. That’s pretty much what I did in university.

Your Lie in April gif

Finally, if you want to find love, make a plan to get it done, get out of your comfort zone and embrace the thrill of dating someone new. If it doesn’t work out, cry, get drunk, then rinse and repeat. Because when you give up, that’s when the game is over!

Got any more anime dating advice? Tell us on Twitter!

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