• Smiling Totoro Cushion
    A fantastic item for Ghibli and My Neighbor Totoro fans, this plushie cushion is made of 100% Polyester and features the shape and design of Totoro with a big smile. Great as a decoration and even better as a soft and squeezable hug pillow of your favorite characters! An official Studio Ghibli product!
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  • Morinaga Milk Caramel
    Another wonderful treat from Japan, this is the famous Morinaga Milk Caramel, a delicious classic dark caramel with over 100 years of history, dating back from the Meiji period. Each box contains 12 delicious caramels. A great item with a delicious taste and long history. In the short film Mei and the Kitten Bus (Mei to Koneko no Bus), the sequel to Totoro that's shown at the Ghibli Museum, Mei befriends a young Catbus by giving it one of these delicious caramels. A great item for collectors of 'dagashi' traditional Japanese sweets from the Showa Period.
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  • Totoro Tumble Figure
    Totoro and Ghibli fans will want to get their hands on this fun tumble figure (also known as roly-poly toys) featuring gray Totoro. This figure has a heavy and round bottom so it will always stand upright even if you push it back. It will sway if you push them back and it's fun to see Totoro sway with his big smile. An officially licensed Studio Ghibli product by ensky.
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  • Chu Tototro Bag
    This purse style bag is designed to look like the irresistibly cute Chu Totoro. Made out of soft fabric, this high quality carrying bag from Skater comes to you in a whimsical Chu Totoro design, with zipper to secure your belongings. Cute and trendy, making this a keep sake for all fans of Ghibli.
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  • My Neighbor Totoro (Blu-ray)
    Enjoy one of Hayao Miyazaki's best-loved works, with the excellent Blu-ray release of Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro). A wonderful film about a magical discovery of two girls, Totoro is filled with incredibly memorable characters -- the magical Totoro, the unforgettable Neko-bus (cat bus), and more. After years of waiting, this fantastic Blu-ray HD release from Studio Ghibli includes the original Japanese version, along with dubbed and subtitled versions in English, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Chinese. and the English-dubbed, as well English subtitles, so you can enjoy the film any way you wish, like French with German subtitles or English with Japanese subtitles. It comes with many great extras too, such as interviews with the production staff, and documentaries on the making of the film. With this disc set, you will be able to share the wonder and joy of Totoro with all your friends.
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  • Totoro Stamp "Onegaishimasu"
    The Japanese love stamps as much as the next person. They even use them at large name companies. This cute little Totoro stamp measures about 3x3x2 cm (1x1x0.5 inches) and depicts an illustration of the Grey Totoro staring at you with the message of "Onegaishimasu" or Please. Each stamp is made of wood and has a rubber bottom for lasting durability. Great all around fun for Ghibli lovers. Authentic with the Ghibli seal of approval (and hand-drawn by Hayao Miyazaki himself).
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  • Totoro Plush Beanie - Blue
    Fans of the Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece My Neighbor Totoro know that J-List has always carried hundreds of rare and wonderful Totoro products, from bento boxes to plush toys to our line of T-shirts and hoodies. By customer request, we now sell incredibly soft plush beanies with the face of Totoro, felt hats with Totoro's cute smile, whiskers and individually cut ears, which contain stiff plastic to keep them standing up in a cute way. Whether you're going to your next anime convention or hanging around the house. High quality dyed felt materials, and hand sewn. Made in India. This is the carolina blue version of the Totoro beanie hat.
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