• Rilakkuma Bath Ball (Honey Scent)
    Nothing makes bath time more relaxing than with you add some refreshing bath ball to the tub, more so if it's a Rilakkuma themed one. This bath ball is filled with the relaxing smell of honey that will help you be as relaxed as Rilakkuma (or Relax Bear in English). As an added bonus, when the bath ball is finished dissolving in the water, out comes a random cute toy. Collect all 4 toys!
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  • Rilakkuma Meow Blanket (Pink) Very fluffy
    Rilakkuma is back, this time as a handy blanket to keep you warm during the winter months. Use it on your lap for some added warmth when watching movies or traveling outside. The included button allows you to optionally wear the blanket as a skirt or poncho, keeping your lower or upper body warm. An official San-X licensed product. This is the Meow Pink version.
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  • 2018 Anime Calendar - Rilakkuma
    The lazy bear that you'll always find is taking a moment to get away from the humdrum of a busy schedule comes back in a brand new calendar. A product of the San-X corporation, this cuddly creature is often seen as cell phone straps, keychains, candy toys, and of course adorable plush versions of themselves that everyone just wants to cuddle next to. Enjoy this wall calendar.
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  • Rirakkuma Face Ball Point Pen
    Get ready for a new wave of Rilakkuma awesomeness! This is a new Rilakkuma ball point pen, a kawaii pen with your favorite characters on top. Great for teachers and students, allowing you to add a little San-X to your study time. The design of this series is outstanding, and it will be one of your treasures. This is the Rilakkuma face version.
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  • Ko-Rillakkuma Tray   Plush Tray
    Fans of the San-X's Rilakkuma will want to get this nice storage case. This new case is a perfect solution to put a lot of small items in your room, easy to stock a smart phone, remote control, keys, glasses and more. On the front, there is the lovely head of Ko-Rillakkuma, the back is really cute with his small tail and his famous zip. This storage case has also anti-slip material on the bottom. An official San-X product. This is the white Ko-Rilakkuma. version.
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  • Nyanko Rilakkuma with Friends KINCHAKU - Bento Box Bag
    Another very nice "kinchaku" or purse featuring the adorable bear, Rilakkuma. Perfect to use as a lunch bag for your bentos, the upcoming picnics or anything else you need to carry. This is the pink version with Rilakkuma and friends taking a lunch in colorful landscape. An official San-X product. 100% cotton. Made in Japan.
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  • Rilakkuma Panda KIGURUMI Figure Full Set (8pcs Set)
    Rilakkuma (Relax Bear) has a strong following with our J-list customers because of their adorably cute features and their trademark drowsy character expression which often gets mistaken for laziness -- he just likes to take it easy (a lot). This great item these features a set of cute miniature figures of the cuddly character and his friends dressed as pandas. This is the complete set of eight mini figures. Great for playing or displaying.
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