Staff Picks Anime & Toys

Staff Picks Anime & Toys

  • Laid-Back Camp / Yurucamp Acryl Figure - Nadeshiko
    If you love the characters of Re:Zero then you'll definitely want to check out this amazing Acryl figure stand series featuring your favorite waifus. This figure is made from Acryl and the image of the character in chibi form is painted on the slick, transparent plastic-like surface much like a mini cardboard cutout but tougher and overall looks better. Absolutely fantastic. This is the Nadeshiko version.
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  • Uzumaki Naruto Figure Naruto Shippuden Grandista  Shinobi Relations
    A cool figure of Uzumaki Naruto from Naruto Shippuden, dressed in his iconic orange and black jumpsuit, complete with bandana and a great pose. He also comes with an extra face and arm so you can display him slightly differently. A nice figure for Naruto fans! This prize figure is the same as those found at the Akihabara game centers, and usually takes a lot of time and skill to acquire, but we've made special arrangements for our amazing customers to get their hands on them. An amazing figure offering for fans of Touhou.
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  • Hammann Kai 1/7 Figure -- Azur Lane
    From popular mobile game featuring cute ship girls, Azur Lane, comes this sexy figure of Hammann. She is dressed in her iconic maid uniform with her weapons and load out attached. You'll love her cute and embarrassed look as she lifts up her skirt for you. Another awesome figure by PM Office A and Plum. This is a preorder scheduled for release in July 2018.
  • Junkrat Nendoroid Figure Classic Skin Edition -- Overwatch
    Good Smile Company presents another great Nendoroid figure featuring the amazing characters of Overwatch. This time Junkrat gets a Nendoroid figure! He is shown in his classic skin version, and he comes with a ton of accessories including steel trap, extra arms, and more! An incredibly cute figure to add to your Overwatch collection! This is a preorder scheduled for release in January 2019.
  • High School DxD HERO Full Color Mug
    Show your love for the popular ecchi anime series High School DxD with an exclusive collector's mug featuring art of your favorite characters. This ceramic mug has beautiful art of sexy heroine Rias Gremory. Highly recommended for fans. By PC-Technics and flagments. This is a preorder scheduled for release in mid August 2018.
  • Jun Goto 1/7 Figure Night Angel Ver. -- Tenshi no 3P!
    From the fun music anime about a group of little girls forming a band, Tenshi no 3P! comes a very nice 1/7 scale figure of our favorite heroine Jun Goto. She is shown wearing a sexy bikini complete with her signature flower hair accessory and enthusiasm. We love her kawaii look that says "Come play with me Oniichan!" Who could ever resist this amazing figure? By Plum and PM Office A. This is the Night Angel version. This is a preorder scheduled for release in September 2018.
  • Maria Teruyasu Nenrodoid Figure -- LittleArmory
    This is a cute and posable Nendoroid figure of Maria Teruyasu from the wonderful Little Armory series about a bunch cute girls with guns. Maria comes with fun extra parts such as 3 expressions, anti-material rifle, special neck joint, muzzle flash, effects parts, extra hands, and more. Another kawaii figure from Takara Tomy and Tomytec. This is a preorder scheduled for release in December 2018.
  • Kaoruko Moeta Nendoroid Figure -- Comic Girls
    Here's an adorable Nendoroid action figure of Kaoruko Moeta from the popular anime Comic Girls. She is dressed in her uniform and she comes with accessories such as three face plates, extra hands, tablet, Nyaos-sensei the cat, and more. This is a great figure for fans of Comic Girls. By Good Smile Company. This is a preorder scheduled for release in January 2019.
  • The Dark Elf Beastmaster 1/6 Figure -- Dragon's Crown
    Fans of the popular 2D action RPG, Dragon Crown, will love this figure of the Dark Elf Beastmaster. She is dressed in her classic outfit that shows her wonderful curves and her look is faithfully preserved from the official game. Another fantastic figure by Q-six! This is a preorder scheduled for release in October 2018.
  • Zero Two Nendoroid Figure -- DARLING in the FRANXX
    Yet another gorgeous Nendoroid figure, this time of Zero Two from the popular mecha anime DARLING in the FRANXX . Zero Two is presented in her uniform and she comes with three expressions, bacon, jacket, hat, extra hands, and more. A great addition to your DARLING in the FRANXX collection by Good Smile Company. This is a preorder scheduled for release in December 2018.
  • Syaro Cheerleader Ver. 1/7 Figure -- Is the order a rabbit??
    From the fun anime series "Is the order a rabbit?," here's an amazing 1/7 scale figure of the girl who is deeply in love with Rize but can't confess her feelings yet, Syaro. She is dressed in a kawaii cheerleader costume complete with pompoms. You'll love the excellent craftsmanship and painting of this figure. From Kadokawa and Chara-ani. This is a preorder scheduled for release in September 2018.
  • Sakuya Figure -Female Teacher Ver.-  -- BLADE ARCUS from Shining EX
    Flare presents a beautiful new figure of Sakuya from BLADE ARCUS from Shining EX. Based on the character design by Tony Taka, this figure presents the cute heroine in an amazing female teacher costume that really brings out her sexiness. You can remove her glasses plus you can display her winking or with both eyes opened. Don't miss this wonderful figure! This is a preorder scheduled for release in April 2019.
  • Assassin/Shuten Douji 1/7 Figure -- Fate/Grand Order
    Here's a super sexy figure for fans of Fate/Grand Order, featuring Assassin/Shuten Douji. A gorgeous figure with detail so excellent we can't believe our eyes. Imagine how awesome it would be to have her on your desk or figure shelf. The figure is 1/7 scale, and comes with a sturdy ABS base. Sculpted by Ken Kawanishi and painted by Hajime Akimoto. By Max Factory. This is a preorder scheduled for release in June 2019.
  • Pop Team Epic Key Holder 05-E
    Do you love Pop Team Epic? We do too, and we've posted these new keychains to the site, which will let you express your love of the series for all to see. This is the key holder 05-E version.
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  • Pop Team Epic CHARADORI Stick POPUKO (A)
    Want the adorable characters of Pop Team Epic on your photos? Japan has a very simple and fun solution! Introducing the Pop Team Epic Charadori Sticks, cute acrylic figures of Pop Team Epic characters attached on a stick. Just put these in front of your camera or phone and just shoot away. No need for Photoshop or other complicated apps! This is the Popuko A version.
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  • Mea Kurosaki 1/4 B-STYLE Figure Bunny Ver. -- To Love-Ru Darkness
    This item ships via EMS Express only - Thank you for your understanding From the fun ecchi anime To Love-Ru Darkness, here's a huge 1/4 scale figure of the lovable Mea Kurosaki. She comes in a black bunnygirl costume with skintight clothes that let you admire every inch of her perfect, dynamite body. She even pulls out her top part for a little fan service. What a nice girl! A fantastic addition to your To Love-Ru Darkness collection by FREEing. Highly recommended! This is a preorder scheduled for release in November 2018.
  • Yuria Misaki 1/8 Yamato Girls Collection Figure Ship Uniform ver. -- Space Battleship Yamato 2199
    From the re-make of the Space Battleship Yamato anime comes this cute figure of Yuria Misaki. Dressed in her tight space suit, she is posed frolicking happily while holding a teddy bear or a water bottle (you can switch between them). Her vibrance and energy is contagious, you can't help but smile just looking at her. Another excellent figure by MegaHouse.
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  • Yui Yuigahama 1/6 Figure Kimono Ver. -- My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 2
    This item ships via EMS Express only - Thank you for your understanding Yahello! Souyokusha presents an excellent figure of Yui Yuigahama from the fun anime series Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come ha Machigatteiru Zoku (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 2). Yui is dressed in a kimono while sitting on the a carpet floor with her left shoulders fully exposed. We love Yui's beautiful kimono which is full of detail from the patterns to the coloring. We also love Yui's smile which really shows off her bright and cheerful personality. An awesome figure for an awesome girl! This is a preorder scheduled for release in September 2018.
  • Sagiri Izumi 1/6 Figure -the first volume cover illust ver. Smiling Face Edition- Eromanga Sensei
    Here's a kawaii figure of Sagiri Izumi from the popular anime and light novel series Ero Manga Sensei by Tsukasa Fushimi, the creator of Oreimo. Izumi is presented wearing a long green jacket while holding a tablet and pen just like the cover illustration of volume 1 of the light novel. She looks so kawaii with that pouty expression, Orca Toys did a great job of converting her in 3D form. Recommended for fans of Oreimo. This is Smiling Face Editon.
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  • Honami Ichinose 1/7 Figure Changing Clothes Ver. --
    From the popular anime series Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou, here's an amazing figure of heroine Honami Ichinose. She is depicted as in the middle of changing her clothes. You'll love the way she presses her already big breasts to make it even bigger. Great for fans. From Kadokawa.
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