Jitome Disgusted Face Anime

Hello everyone! I’ve made the hop back to Japan, the land of onigiri rice balls and toilets that wash your butt for you. Time to roll up my sleeves and get back to work…

It’s fun to track the various Japanese visual trends that come and go over the years. Like ahoge, the unkempt “idiot hair” that makes otherwise perfect girls so charming, or the rise of “skinfang” girls. Or the newest trend, jitome (disgusted face), part of the “I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear” popularized by doujinshi artist 40hara.

The Japanese word for the meme is ジト目 jitome (ji-to-meh), which is translatable as “an expression of total disgust, mistrust and exasperation” because you’re such perverted trash. It’s a deliciously sarcastic visual expression seen in anime a lot over the past decade, which was used by 40hara for his doujin collection of girls showing their panties with the jitome disgusted face. What is behind the appeal of the artist’s work, I wonder? Some kind of masochist attraction from the viewer’s point of view? The ridiculousness of the ecchi situations the artist creates? The quality of the art? (And don’t look now, but Tamatoys has gotten on board the jitome disgusted face train too.)

We’ve got some great news: in addition to all the Iyapan series doujinshi and figures, J-List is now offering the official Blu-rays, which were just released at the most recent Comiket. So if you want to own the most unique ecchi anime to be released in years, grab your copy now!

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