Gorgeous Goddess Yulia - Yulia in the Winter

Adult DVD (Region Free)
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About this product:

Fans of Yulia Nova, your wait is over -- J-List and Russian Beauties are proud to announce Yulia's debut on DVD! And at a special price, due to an exclusive licensing arrangement with the Japanese copyright holders we've been able to arrange for our customers. These special release DVDs are beautiful remastered, and each features never-before-seen footage for Yulia aficionados. A wonderful treat for Yulia's fans all over the world! This is the Winter Edition where you can enjoy your Christmas with Yulia in Moscow!

This is an adult DVD intended for viewing by mature adults in regions where this material may be viewed legally. The disc is zoned for "all" regions, so you can view it with any DVD player in any country. In accordance with Japanese law, all performers are aged 18 or older. All JAV DVDs carried by J-List carry "NEVA" or "Media Ethics Association" designated stickers indicating full compliance with all laws and auditing by one of Japan's ethics organizations.

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