AV Debut -- Risa Tachibana (Blu-ray)

Blu-ray Disc
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About this product:

SOD introduces its new star, Risa Tachibana, already getting buzz from Japan fans for her pure looks and untouched, almost indecent pussy hair. Follow her AV debut in this 180min production in full HD Blu-ray including interview and first strip in front of the camera followed by 3 awesome, long sex scenes. Don't miss out.

This is an adult Blu-ray disc intended for viewing by mature adults in regions where this material may be viewed legally. The disc is region free and may be viewed on any Blu-ray player, including Sony PS3 and PS4. In accordance with Japanese law, all performers are aged 18 or older. All adult JAV DVDs and Blu-ray discs stocked by J-List carry "NEVA" or "Media Ethics Association" designated stickers indicating full compliance with all laws and auditing by one of Japan's ethics organizations.

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