AV Debut -- Aimi Yoshikawa

Adult DVD (Region Free)
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About this product:

SOD introduces a fresh, beautiful newcomer: Aimi Yoshikawa, a cute 18 years old, inexperienced girl with a gorgeous H-Cup chest! A 3 hours first title in which the director takes his time to introduce Aimi to us, filming her first strip in front of the camera from all angles, before Aimi is introduced to her first partner, to whom she'll give a superb first blowjob. Following are 3 hot sex scenes, in which you get to enjoy tons of breast fondling action and more! 180min.

Also enhance your viewing experience with the Aimi Yoshikawa onahole!

This is an adult DVD intended for viewing by mature adults in regions where this material may be viewed legally. The disc is zoned for "all" regions, so you can view it with any DVD player in any country. In accordance with Japanese law, all performers are aged 18 or older. All JAV DVDs carried by J-List carry "NEVA" or "Media Ethics Association" designated stickers indicating full compliance with all laws and auditing by one of Japan's ethics organizations.

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