MAMI -- Madoka Magica LEGO Parody (T-Shirt)

J-List Original T-Shirt
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About this product:

The J-List's latest T-shirt is another tribute to fans of Madoka Magica, the epic anime and manga series about the "dark" magical girls who do their best to save the world from witches. An amazing show that is deeper than its original image would suggest. This shirt shows off the outcome of one of the characters, Mami, from the series, artistically drawn in a cute toy style, with her head flying off -- so this shirt SFW. A great parody T-shirt that fans will love!

This product ships out of our San Diego location for your convenience.

This is an original J-List T-shirt, hand-silkscreened in J-List's San Diego office by our trained staff of T-shirt printers (not mass-produced in Asia). The shirt is printed with a "flash" layer below the design, to keep it from showing the shirt color, and heated at 330 degrees Farenheit to cure the ink for long life.

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