Bath King Gardening Life Fizzing Bath Tablets ~ set of 20

Japanese Bath Item
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About this product:

Japanese families love to take baths, and whenever possible at an onsen (hot spring) with other families. However, when going to an onsen is not possible, many families opt to change their bathtub into a relaxing space with some additional minerals and fragrance. The medicinal effects of aroma therapy and powerful carbon dioxide foam that reacts when added to water helps promote blood circulation and relaxation of muscles so you can walk away re-energized. For additional skin care, this version also includes active elements of collagen, an element that is believed to promote smoother skin and reduce the effects of aging. This collection of bath tablets includes four scents: lavender, mimosa (like the cocktail), herbal aroma and mountain plants. You'll absolutely love bath time again with this tablet! (japantrad) (instock)