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Manga (comics) is a piece of Japanese culture that the Japanese can proudly boast about, not only because of their fantastic work, but their ability to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Shonen Ace and Ultra Jump are among the two most popular publications that bring you the latest and greatest adventure stories for hungry readers to consume. J-List is happy to add to their list of publications, Comic Yuri Hime, a delightful publication that caters to fans of the delicious drama that emerges when girls fall in love with other girls. Published every other month, it features around 15 - 20 stories with a central focus on intense romantic and/or sexual female relationships. Each issue is approximately 300 - 400 pages in length with a mixture of full color and black and white illustrations. Also makes a great study item, immersing you into real vocabulary used in typical Japanese conversations rather than the formulaic dry textbooks you'll constantly exposed to.

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