Little Busters! Perfect Edition

PC Game
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About this product:

The hit visual novel Little Busters! is now available with Windows 8 support and tons of great goodies!

Take the role of Naoe Riki, a young man who is saved from depression by a gang of friends known as the Little Busters. Together, Naoe and the Little Busters get into every kind of trouble you can imagine! Enjoy tons of fun minigames like dungeon crawling, baseball, battle mode, and more, all while romancing your choice of 9 adorable girls.

This Perfect Edition comes with the all-ages version of Little Busters, plus an awesome 125-page fanbook full of artwork, interviews, behind-the-scenes info, and more! You also get a disk of system voices, wallpapers, and desktop gadgets (Win7/Vista only) for your PC, a CD compilation of the Little Busters web radio program, and promotional cards for the Weiss Schwartz, ChaosTCG, and Megami Engage trading card games.

Get Little Busters today, and experience the school life you've always dreamed of!

About this software product: This is a standard Windows PC game made for the Japanese market. It is compatible with most Windows operating systems regardless of language; however you may need to adjust some settings or install optional language files for the game to load and display text properly. Note that the game itself and game manual are in Japanese. This product is recommended for users with some Japanese language knowledge as well as a familiarity with the Windows operating system. (importgamespg) (instock)