Sexy Beach ZERO

PC Game
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About this product:

Famous polygon-based 3D eroge maker Illusion is at it again, with their latest gorgeous erotic creation, Sexy Beach ZERO! The newest entry in the Sexy Beach lineup features even more photorealistic 3D CG girls, fully interactive with over 200 "H" animations in addition to all of the dating fun and foreplay. Buy sex toy items and stimulating goods at the shop along with dozens of racy outfits for the five girls you can date - you can customize and modify their proportions too! Enjoy your time on the tropical resort island with these girls, whose movements are enhanced by motion capture technology to be as realistic as possible. Note: As with other Illusion games, the hardware requirements for optimal play are quite high at the time of game launch. This will run fine on many PCs, but for all the effects and anti aliasing turned on you'll need a high spec gaming computer to take full advantage. Minimal Japanese knowledge required to play!

About this software product: This is standard Windows PC software made for the Japanese market. It is compatible with most Windows operating systems regardless of language; however you may need to adjust some settings or install optional language files for the game to load and display text properly. The software itself is in Japanese, so some familiarity with the language will be helpful in navigating it. Some images may be censored in accordance with Japanese regulations.

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