Zhang Xiao Yu Hole -- The Dignity of Great Pussy

Great Pussy
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About this product:

A truly unique adult male sexual toy from Japan, this can best be described as Pussy in a Cup. Measuring at 16.5 cm long (6.5 inches) and 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter, this personal massager for men is based on the look of a woman's genitals and is great for "anatomy lessons" or other gag gifts. This version however is designed specifically for the Zhang Xiao Yu (China's most popular Nude model) lover in mind. Known for her curvaceous body and erotic photos, this ona hole has everything that you'd imagine about her. The soft supple features provide plenty of sensation where it counts and comes with plenty of "juices" stored in a bottle of lotion. The uses are only limited by your imagination. A very popular item here in Japan that's great for fans of Japanese vibrators, oppai balls and other unique sex toys. A great deluxe onahole toy for serious JAV fans!

NOTE: This is a new novelty onahole from Japan for stress relief. It is intended for use as a joke gift item only.