Bath King Japanese Traditional set -- Nagomi 4 scents (Hinoki, Yuzu, Peach, Orange)

Fizzing Bath Tablets
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About this product:

The Japanese love to bathe, to take long relaxing baths which wash the day's cares away. Here's a great large box of Bub-style fizzing "bath tablets" which are like large Alka-Seltzer tablets that dissolve when you put them in the bath, making fizzing bubbles as they do. There's honestly nothing better in this world than stretching out in a hot bath while one of these tablets sends bubbles up all over your body as it dissolves. 20 tablets included!

This package contains four traditional Japanese scents: hinoki (Japanese cypress), Yuzuki (the unique citrus yuzu combined with green tea), karin (rosewood) and mikan (the delicious oranges that are also known as satsuma). (japantrad) (instock)