Koihime Musou (DX Version w/Restored Voice)

Adult PC Game
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About this product:

J-List is proud to offer limited physical copies of another great eroge from MangaGamer: Koihime Musou, a moe retelling of Romance of the Three Kingdoms with cute girls standing in for legendary Chinese heroes. The game is presented in fully uncensored form with nothing removed from the original game. Best of all, all package versions of MangaGamer titles are 100% DRM free. Order a copy now!

Time travel? Are you kidding me!?

I rush out of my dorm to catch a burglar, and the next thing I know, I'm lying in a vast, open prairie. What the hell!?

Before I can get my bearings, I'm surrounded by a group of men armed with spears. Spears! "Leave your clothes if you value your life." Are these guys for real!?

I try to resist them, but they just spout some more gibberish and attack. This is it for me! But just then, a black-haired beauty appears out of nowhere and sends them packing with one swing of her giant halberd. As I go to thank her, she tells me her name.

"I am Kan'u, my lord. May we fight together to bring peace to this land?"

In addition to fabulous uncensored CGs, 4 routes, and erotic scenes with over 20 characters, this game includes the complete voice track with an incredible voice cast, including: Motoyama Mina as Kan'u, Serizono Miya as Chouhi and Kayuu, Kusunoki Suzune as Shokatsuryou, Nogami Nana as Chouun, Oukawa Mio as Bachou, Iida Kuu as Kouchuu, Nojima Kana as Sousou, Fukai Haruka as Kakouton, Kisaragi Aoi as Kakouen, Miru as Jun'iku, Kurata Mariya as Kyocho and Riri, Kazane as Sonken, Hokuto Minami as Sonshoukou, Isshiki Hikaru as Kannei, Maki Izumi as Rikuson, Kawashima Rino as Shuuyu, Daishou Tsuzura as Daikyou and Shoukyou, Kimura Ayaka as Toutaku, Aoyama Yukari as Kaku, AYA as Chouryou and Kousonsan, Imuraya Honoka as Ryofu, Kono Kanami as Enshou, Murasakibana Sumire as Bunshuu, Aoi Miu as Ganryou, Yuunagi Sakumi/Norio Wakamoto as Chousen, Hikaru as Saji, and Jack Cloud as Ukitsu.


Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista or 7 (32 bit)

1 GB hard drive, 256 MB Memory, Pentium 4 or higher processor recommended, DirectX compatible graphics and sound card.


  • Kan'u Kan'u

    Aisha Kan'u is the girl who appears before Kazuto once he's thrown into the alternate world. She is a formidable warrior, as demonstrated by the way she drove away the bandits attacking Kazuto with her Green Dragon Crescent Blade. She swears allegiance to Kazuto, because she believes that he is a messenger from Heaven. "For all the people who have suffered in these long wars, I, Kan'u Unchou, shall become a merciless blade, and smite those lawless bandits!" "M-my lord, what are you doing!? That's dirty...... Ngh!"

  • Chouhi Chouhi

    Chouhi appears alongside Kan'u as one of the first to meet Kazuto. Despite her small size, she's a fiery girl capable of mowing down enemies with her Viper Spear, which stands several times her height. "I, Enhito Chou Yokutoku, have now arrived with my Viper Spear to crush the bad guys!"

  • Shokatsuryou Shokatsuryou

    Shokatsuryou is a young girl whom Kazuto saves from the Yellow Turbans near the beginning of the story. Although she is quiet and reserved, she has a gentle soul. However, because she studied at Suikyou's (all-girls) school, she is not very comfortable around men. "Right flank, Kan'u-san, advance! Left flank, Chouhi-chan, fall back and cover our main forces! Umm, umm......Chouun-san, strike the enemy from the rear!"

  • Chouun Chouun

    Chouun appears shortly after Kazuto, Kan'u, and Chouhi form their volunteer army, and strikes out to face over 10,000 Yellow Turbans single-handedly. When she swings her spear, it dances through the air, causing enemies to crumble beneath her, one after another. She views physical compatibility as the important part of relationships, and she has a bit of an off-beat personality. "I am Chou Shiryuu of Northern Changshang! Now fall before my spear, shed your blood, and leave your corpse behind!"

  • Bachou Bachou

    After her father was killed in a plot by Sousou's forces, Bachou fled to Kazuto's faction. In a word, she's headstrong. One she spots her enemy, she'll charge in headlong, and crush them with brute force. She's a cheerful, energetic girl, but since she was raised solely by a single man, she has a foul mouth. Yet, despite that, she knows nothing about sex, and is an extremely shy person. "I- it's not that I like sex or anything, it's just that since you want to, My Lord, I-I-I can't really refuse......"

  • Kouchuu Kouchuu

    Later on, Kouchuu's daughter is taken captive by Enshou, and she is forced to face to Kazuto's army. Thanks to her almost superhuman skill with the bow, she gives Kazuto's side quite a lot of trouble. She also likes to let her imagination run wild, and she tends to start panting when she imagines Kazuto and Chouhi having sex. "Now taste the sting of The Divine Archer's arrows!" "Hu-hu, you're so big, My Lord...... Shall I do something to calm it down?"

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