Japanese Custom Made Stamp -- Rectangle 1.5 inch Hanko

Custom Japanese Hanko (Name Stamp)
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About this product:

Hanko, or name stamps, are a big part of the difference between Japan and the West, and when you "sign" an important document you always do it with one of these stamps. Here's a very flexible custom-printed stamp that will allow you to create just about any message you want in Japanese!

This stamp is wide enough to allow you up to 8 characters of Japanese (either kanji, hiragana or katakana) per line, allowing for more complex words and phrases. You can also add additional lines, allowing you to create a larger stamp three lines high, for example one that was 8 characters by three lines for a total of 24 characters. English letters can also be typeset, 14 characters per line. Here are three examples:

The wider stamp is recommend if you have a longer Japanese name that won't fit easily into one of the other stamps. For example, Chieko Hasegawa. You could choose a simple Japanese phrase that you wanted for your stamps, like "arigato" (thank you).
Make a stamp of your favorite Japanese quote. This one is "You're not going to die. I will protect you" from Evangelion. Or recreate your favorite Haruhi Suzumiya line, like "I have no interest in normal human beings."
You can also get English letters typeset, 14 characters per line. Note that if a word is cut off, it will have to be moved to the next line down.

As with the other custom name stamps, the native Japanese staff of J-List will be happy to work with you to get just the right phrase created for you. After adding this item to your shopping cart you can type comments to the J-List staff and we'll verify the characters you want before finalizing the order. We also humbly request a pronunciation guide for all unique spellings of names.

Because the stamps are custom made by a company here in Japan, please allow 2-4 weeks for your name stamp to be made.