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J-List Gift Certificate
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About this product:

Give the gift of cool things from Japan with a gift certificate from J-List! Our gift certificates are totally customizable, so you can personalize them. Send it directly to your recipient electronically with an email sent by us announcing your gift, or have it sent to your personal email. This gives you a huge number of options -- you can send the gift certificate to them casually or print it out yourself and put it in a stylish gift box. J-List gift certificates are easy to use, and can be used on both sites, and

When ordering the gift certificate, you can choose the value as well as enter the name and email address of your recipient, and send a "brief" personalized message (about 40 characters in length). Details: J-List gift certificates never expire and will be tied to the user account they're attached to permanently. Void where prohibited. (instock)