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Get Crescendo for free as part of the 2-in-1bundle pack with Target: Pheromone.

A superb story-driven visual novel in which you can make your dreams come true.


Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 or 64 bit OK), 640 MB hard drive, 32 MB Memory, Pentium II or higher processor recommended, DirectX compatible graphics and sound card.

One of my all-time favorite games is the seminal classic Season of the Sakura (part of the JAST USA Memorial Collection), and when I heard G-Collections was releasing a similar school-sim, I knew it'd be good. Crescendo is a great story-centric dating-sim that features great character and great art as you re-live that painful yet wonderous first love again. In addition to Season of the Sakura, we recommend Kana ~ Little Sister for fans of this game, too. The scenario writer also did Amorous Professor Cherry.

A truly excellent dating-sim from G-Collections, this is Crescendo, a touching adventure that simulates realistic romance in high school, with the same highs and lows that real young peopple experience. With fantastic graphics and a complex, multi-layered story, you will love this superb English erotic game.

It's five days before graduation, and Ryo Sasaki is in school, making up the hours needed to graduate with the other members of his class (he has a habit of cutting school a little too often). For Ryo, it's a quiet time to sit and reflect on the past year and all that's happened. As he thinks back, he remembers all his friends...Kaho, who dragged him into the literary arts club against his will. Kaho's strange friend Kyoko, who was secretly in love with him. The oddly antisocial Yuka, so cheerful and yet despising herself for supplementing her income with prostitution with the other boys. His stepsister Ayame, who took such good care of him after their parents died. And the sexy school nurse Kaori, who always had a healing word for him. Every day held real experiences leaving real memories...days he thought would last forever.

Now the day of graduation draws near, and Ryo knows that he must prepare himself to make a choice...

Crescendo is a complex multi-ending adventure game from Japan, translated faithfully into English. All graphics are 100% uncensored, allowing you to enjoy the erotic CG without mosaic or other censorship of any kind. (C), original game by D.O.


  • Kaho Kaho

    A girl in the same class as Ryo, she is the literary arts club president. She has a friendly personality, and she's very popular. She seems the quiet type, but when they were freshmen, she coerced Ryo into joining the club. She can be extremely forceful. She likes Ryo more than as a friend, but she's going steady with his best friend. Age 18.

  • Yuka Yuka

    A pretty girl in the same class as Ryo. She has a bright, outgoing personality, but she pretends like she doesn't care about anything. She either does this to piss people off, or she's just plain terrible at interacting with others. Age 18.

  • Ayame Ayame

    Ryo's stepsister. Ever since their parents were killed in a traffic accident, she has taken care of him. She really enjoys watching Ryo grows up, so much so that she has set any plans for herself by the wayside. It seems as though she isn't as interested in fads and fashions as most women her age are. Age 20.

  • Kyoko Kyoko

    Upon entering high school, she joined the literary arts club. Kyoko met Ryo when she joined, and it was love-at-first-sight. Usually, Kyoko seems a bit out in left field and doesn't show how she really feels. Being taller than most girls, she feels awkward about her height. Age 18.

  • Kaori Kaori

    The school nurse at Ryo's school. She got to know Ryo because he always comes to the nurse's office to take naps, but it appears she's known Ryo's sister Ayame for a long time. Kaori is beautiful, but she talks like a guy, so most people don't know how to react to her. Age 20.

The sale of adult games to customers located in Japan is strictly prohibited.

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