Dream Land Egg Shaper

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About this product:

J-List lives to bring you interesting products from Japan, and this time we may have outdone ourselves. This is a magical egg shaper that can turn hard boiled eggs into works of art, with the yolk in the shape of diamonds, hearts and stars.

To use it, separate the whites from the yolk for 5-6 eggs, putting each in separate containers. Pour approximately 40 cc of the egg white into each of the four holders, until it's about 4/5 of the way full. Replace the four shaped caps which seals the egg white into each compartment and will create the hole in the center. Put the Dream Land Egg Shaper tray into boiling water so that the four egg tubes are submerged and can cook, about 18-20 cm deep, cooking the whites, for about 12 minutes. Remove the tray and carefully pull out the center pieces, revealing the hole, into which you will now pour the yolk, about 25 cc per hole. Remove the four caps from the center piece molds to re-seal the egg compartments, and boil again for approximately 8 minutes. Let cool, and remove your awesome eggs which can be used to decorate the most delicious bento! (bentokitchen) (instock)