Touhou Bou Getsu Sho -- Vol. 1 -- Silent Sinner in Blue (Jyo)

"wide" manga (A5 size) with CD
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About this product:

A new official manga from the Touhou universe is here! Touhou Bougetsushou Silent Sinner in Blue features an official story written by Touhou creator ZUN, and illustrated by popular doujin artist Akieda. The first volume features the adventures of Yakumo Yukari, Kirisame Marisa, and Hakurei Reimu, among other famous Touhou heroines, as they confront various personifications of Japanese fairy tales and nature deities. Special features of the manga include a three track album of Touhou music arranged especially to accompany the book, included on CD with every copy! Also, this is a perfect series for students of Japanese as all of the kanji characters are accompanied by furigana (phonetic "spellings" to help sound out the meanings of the words). All in all a great addition to the library of any Touhou fan! 178 pages, from Rex Comics.

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