TENGA EGG -- Cloudy

Onanie Toy
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About this product:

The summer TENGA EGG collection is here and comes in 3 new flavors! The Tenga Egg is a compact ona cup cleverly disguised as an egg. Simply open the shell to reveal a soft, stretchable "egg" with a multi-ribbed texture that's brimming with lotion inside so it's ready for use at a moment's notice. A compact and discreet solution to your "massaging" needs. Perfect for those who absolutely love Japanese novelty toys for men, women or couples, Tenga products, and especially onacups (pussy in a cup, aka "lovely hole"). This purchase is for the Cloudy version which features very small and detailed groove textures to shake for your pleasure. Great for gag gifts and jokes!

Note: Tenga Eggs can be used both by guys as an amazing masturbation tool, as well as by girls: just reverse it and use it with any vibrator or dildo!

NOTE: This is a new novelty onahole from Japan for stress relief. It is intended for use as a joke gift item only.