PIECES 8 -- Wild Wet West -- Masamune Shirow

Hentai Artbook
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About this product:

This long-awaited, highly-anticipated collection of the work of one of Japan's most famous cyberpunk artists and storytellers is a tour-de-force publication not to be missed by fans. Another addition in the works of the popular artist Masamune Shirow (of Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell fame), PIECES 8 - Wild Wet West is an A5, hardcover publication in full-color, thick with CG and traditional illustration styles. This volume has a "western" theme, so you can expect it to be full of gun-toting cowgirls and lots of other awesome artwork from the amazing mind of Shirow Masamune. A must have for Shirow fans everywhere! Great for collectors of high quality artbooks from Japan. (hmanart) (hentaiartbooks) (artbook) (instock)