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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The history of "Ecchi," and Yakuza in Japan.

The history of "Ecchi," and Yakuza in Japan.

It's part of the nature of the Japanese people to prefer substituting euphemisms for words that are embarrassing to use directly, and you'll often year terms like 人身事故 jinshin-jiko or "an accident involving physical injury" to refer to train suicides, or そうですね so desu ne, meaning "yes, that's so" for "thanks for your suggestion, we'll pretend to consider it carefully before we discard it." One concept you learn pretty quickly when dealing with Japanese pop culture is that Japanese love substituting the English letter "H" (pronounced ecchi) for anything sexual, which was first popularized in a novel published in 1956. While the letter is assumed to stand for the Japanese word hentai, which means abnormal or deviant (though in English the word has come to describe certain kinds of manga, games and anime from Japan), there are some competing theories. The "H" could stand for the English word husband, which was a slang word for sex among female students in the Meiji period, or it could represent the first katakana in the word エロチック (erotic), which looks like an "H" lying on its side, or it could have come from the 1955 Marilyn Monroe film The Seven Year Itch, which was popular in Japan ("itch" and "ecchi" sound very similar in Japanese). One show I'm enjoying a lot this season is the Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist, about a dystopian future in which all sexual expression has been outlawed, and the efforts of an "ero-terrorist" organization to bring it back. While the show is filled with low-brow jokes, it's a surprisingly deep allegory about how repressed modern Japan society can be.

Sometimes when visiting the Akihabara area of Tokyo you run into a surprising sight, giant sumo wrestlers walking around in huge yukata robes, because the sumo stadium in Ryogoku is located nearby. Another colorful type of person you occasionally see in Japan are yakuza, members of Japan's famous organized crime gangs. Meaning "8-9-3" and referring to a losing hand in the traditional Japanese card game hanafuda, the yakuza have almost four hundred years of history dating from the Edo Period. While yakuza gangsters have been seen as defenders of the weak in popular lore, in reality they’re very smart criminals who operate various shady enterprises, from prostitution to illegal high-interest loans to atari-ya, thugs who get into car accidents on purpose so they can extract money from poor victims. Although yakuza are gangsters, they’re usually very polite, and it’s considered good form for a well-connected person to have a few as friends, just in case you ever need them. Currently there are rumors that the largest yakuza group, the Yamaguchi-gumi of Kobe, is undergoing an internal rift, which could cause bloodshed as members compete for turf...though historically the yakuza have always been careful to make sure sure innocents are never caught in the crossfire. (Image credit.)

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    NyanType Oct 2015

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    E2 Plus vol. 9 ~ Etsu Plus 9

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  • All Ages Manga Shonen Ace and More

    All Ages Manga: Shonen Ace and More

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  • How To Draw Manga -- Moe Character no Kakiwake

    How To Draw Manga -- Moe Character no Kakiwake

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    Kantoku Doujinshi Artbooks Posted

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    We Love The Cute Sumikko Gurashi

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    Grisaia no Kajitsu Spinoff Game for PS Vita

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  • New J-Snacks Incl Glico Surumeeza

    New J-Snacks Incl. Glico Surumeeza

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    Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger, Other Snacks

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    Matching Cat Tail Mug Cups

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    Samurai Boba Fett + Other Star Wars Figures

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    My Neighbor Totoro Matryoshka

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    Gintoki Sakata Figuarts ZERO Figure ~ Gintama

    Looking for Gintama items? Check out these super-detailed figures of Gintoki and Toshiro, each with extra expressions and other optional parts!view products
  • Mega Man Kirby Nendoroid Figures

    Mega Man, Kirby Nendoroid Figures!

    Then see two new cute video game Nendoroids that you can collect and display: Mega Man and Kirby! Lots of fun extra parts and they're so kawaii!view products
  • Nozomi from Love Live Other New Figures

    Nozomi from Love Live, Other New Figures

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New and Restocked NSFW / 18+ Products

  • New H Magazine Lingerie The Best

    New "H" Magazine: Lingerie The Best

    Enjoy a new issue of the magazine that's all about lingerie - or more accurately, those who wear it and take it off. Free panties included!view products
  • nawanano -- Nananano

    nawanano -- Nananano

    Then, the amazing nude model Nananano brings a breathtaking photobook filled with high quality ropework and artistic photography. Click to view.view products
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    Super Sexy Photobooks, 'How to Draw' Books

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  • Megami Magazine RX vol 5

    Megami Magazine RX vol. 5

    Because 2D anime girls are the hottest, Megami Magazine finally releases a new magazine, that's the all out, fully assumed erotic version of Megami.view products
  • New Manga Volumes In Stock

    New Manga Volumes In Stock

    Excellent new manga volumes are posted to the site today, including Pure Love Ero Girlfriend featuring pure love and ero girls who do everything to please their man.view products
  • New Ero Doujinshi from Comiket 88

    New Ero Doujinshi from Comiket 88

    New doujinshi books in today from the summer Comic Market, including a rare Sailor Moon sendup along with God Eater 2, and more. Click to browse.view products
  • Gorgeous Artbooks from Japan Restocked

    Gorgeous Artbooks from Japan Restocked

    We always have outstanding ecchi artbooks in stock for you, like the popular I Love Girl's Lingeries, Tales of Series artbooks, and Freezing artbook.view products
  • Excellent New Cast-Off Anime Figures

    Excellent New Cast-Off Anime Figures

    Plus, we've got some great "for adult eyes only" preorder figures featuring the delicious girls of Queen's Blade and Bikini Warriors. Nosebleed warnings!view products
  • Sujiman Kupa Virgo

    Sujiman Kupa Virgo

    The Sujiman is a fabulous line of male masturbators from Magic Eyes that have won many fans, and now a new version is here, with even more realism for you.view products
  • Catgirl Goddess Other Anime Onaholes

    Catgirl, Goddess, Other Anime Onaholes

    See more fun personal stress toys, including the catgirl and living with goddess onahole, plus other awesome toys restocked today. Browse now.view products
  • Love Twin Onaholes Restocked

    Love Twin Onaholes Restocked

    We've restocked the phenomenal onaholes based on the bodies of twin sisters. Will you choose Kasumi or Asumi? Click to browse now!view products
  • Fun Anaru Toys for Guys and Girls

    Fun "Anaru" Toys for Guys and Girls

    If you're curious about trying new things, we restocked several ecchi toys for those curious about "anaru" themes, both for guys and girls.view products
  • The Most Advanced Condoms in the World

    The Most Advanced Condoms in the World

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  • Todays Recommended English Eroge

    Today's Recommended English Eroge

    A great SF game from Lilith filled with gorgeous characters and ecchi art, and naughty tentacles of course. Order the game during our sale!view products
  • Restocked Hentai DVDs and Blu-ray

    Restocked Hentai DVDs and Blu-ray

    Then see restocked "H" anime, including Magical Girl Isuka, Starless, Fault!!, Color of the Sky, Color of the Water, and many more. Click to see.view products
  • Gachinko Zenra Lesbian Battle 2

    Gachinko Zenra Lesbian Battle 2

    You know what's cool? Watching hot girls engaging in a good "catfight," to see which one is strongest and which will be dominated.view products
  • Fuzoku Full Course -- Hitomi Tanaka region 2

    Fuzoku Full Course -- Hitomi Tanaka (region 2)

    The latest HITOMI movie is finally here, a hot 2 hours breast-in-your-face action in which Hitomi is your glamorous soapland lady.view products
  • Fly Zenra Airline 5

    Fly Zenra Airline 5!

    A naughty release from SOD in which sexy stewardesses service their pilots and passengers and make them feel great.view products
  • Finally Fresh Stock of Ero DVDs and Blu-ray

    Finally, Fresh Stock of Ero DVDs and Blu-ray

    Finally, see a healthy update of <>ecchi media in time for the weekend, including Hitomi Tanaka's incredible titles including My Mother Was an Idol and Shoplifting Investigator, plus the delicious works of Aimi Yoshikawa, Kaho Shibuya's voluminous body, Futanarikko Complete Box, Female Director Haruna's Tokyo Girl x Girl, and more!VIEW PRODUCTS