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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beating the heat in Japan, and my favorite new anime.

Beating the heat in Japan, and the joy of rural life.

One show I’ve been waiting for quite eagerly is the second season of Non Non Biyori (roughly translatable as "fine weather for enjoying a carefree day"), which I started watching over the weekend. It's a slice-of-life series about a girl named Hotaru who moves from Tokyo to an extremely rural part of Japan, so rural that there’s only one classroom with five students of varying ages in it. The show celebrates the difference between city and country life, and makes a lot of jokes that are especially funny to me, since J-List is located in a small semi-rural city (population 200,000) and surrounded by towns and villages even more sparsely populated, where you'd need to walk 2 hours to get to the nearest convenience store. The idea of living in a place so far from civilization that there are only five students in the entire school this isn't as unlikely as you’d think. J-List’s buyer of DVDs and "dolphin polishers" grew up in a nearby town that's seen a huge decline in population since he was a boy, with three of its four elementary schools closed, and only 20 students left in the one remaining school. Those 20 students hold normal school events like sports day and graduation ceremonies, even with such a small number of children.

Summer in Japan is time for eating watermelon and drinking ice-cold ramune, and in my house, at least, for "aircon wars" between me and my wife. She wants to keep the air conditioning turned down quite low, while I'm not cool enough until I can see my breath when I exhale. It's also when Japan's trademark "salarymen" will shed their conservative sebiro -- what a business suit is called in Japanese, a name which comes from the Saville Row region of London, famous for its men's clothiers since the 19th century -- exchanging them for more casual shirts with no neckties as part of the government's "cool biz" program, which allows companies and government agencies set the air conditioning around 28°C/82°F. If you want to enjoy summer Japan style, we recommend taking a nap on a bamboo pillow (which is designed to let air through so you don't get a sweaty head) while wearing a pair of authentic jinbei kimono-pajamas and listening to the lovely sound of a Japanese wind chime when the breeze blows while mosquito coils burn to keep the mosquitoes away.

We've got some interesting things happening around here, namely the impending launch of our 100% all-new website, which we've been hard at work on for a year. The new site will be great: a totally reworking of the J-List website running on cutting-edge hardware, built so that all features work great whether you're using mobile, tablet or desktop.

New J-List T-shirts!

J-List has been on a roll, posting lots of great new anime and parody T-shirts, which are all in stock in our San Diego location and are full U.S. sizes. Browse the new Saber/Yuru Yuri parody offering, our new Dark Side of the Sailor Moon shirt, or advertise your special relationship with Senpai. Browse them all now!

Today's New & Restocked Items

    NyanType Sep 2015

    NyanType Sep 2015

    This is a new issue of the super popular NyanType, a Megami-like magazine full of sexy girl character posters, articles on the latest bishoujo anime series, and more. Enjoy 16 awesome posters (8 double-sided) of the girls from KanColle, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Non Non Biyori Repeat, Classroom Crisis, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz, Shokugeki no Soma, Sky Wizard's Academy, Valkyrie Drive, Prison School, Charlotte, and more!VIEW PRODUCTS

  • Comic Alive Sep 2015

    Comic Alive Sep 2015

    Here's another outstanding issue of Comic Alive, a super thick magazine with over 800 pages of manga goodness for you. Click to browse now.view products
  • Young Ace Aug 2015

    Young Ace Aug 2015

    See some great anime and manga magazines posted today, including the new Young Ace, with cool free stuff for Fate/stay night fans plus great manga to read. view products
  • Koukaku no Pandora 06

    Koukaku no Pandora 06

    The much awaited vol. 6 of the cyberpunk action manga with plenty of moe from the mind of Ghost in the Shell creator Shirow Masamune is here.view products
  • Kantai Collection Anthology Comic 7

    Kantai Collection Anthology Comic 7

    Fans of the moe military anime KanColle will love this manga anthology featuring your favorite ship girls full of cute and hilarious antics.view products
  • New Artbooks toi8 Artworks and More

    New Artbooks: toi8 Artworks and More

    See some adorable artbooks (and some sexy ones) which the J-List staff has prepared for you today. Click to browse all the new items!view products
  • How to Draw Manga Undressing Men

    How to Draw Manga ~ Undressing Men

    For all mangaka artist Fujoshi looking to improve their skills in drawing, check out this outstanding How to Draw book that focuses on drawing undressing men.view products
  • Gorgeous Anime Figures Are In Stock

    Gorgeous Anime Figures Are In Stock

    Lots of figures in stock today: the sexy Rias Gremory from High School DxD, an excellent Dragon's Crown figure, Sayla from Gundam, Silent Hill 3, and more.view products
  • Kawaii Lighting Cat Ear Headphones

    Kawaii Lighting Cat Ear Headphones

    We think everyone needs a pair of neko mimi (cat ear) headphones around the house for special occasions like birthdays, parties, or Halloween.view products
  • Japanese T-shirt Bakyun

    Japanese T-shirt "Bakyun!"

    We have an awesome new anime parody shirt featuring Fate/stay night's Saber imitating Yuru Yuri's Akari in her famous "Bakyun!view products
  • Naughty Cat Maid Cosplay Pink

    Naughty Cat Maid Cosplay Pink

    An awesome maid costume set that includes everything you need to become a naughty cat maid. We love offering awesome cosplay products to our customers.view products
  • 2D Backpack Japanese School Bag More

    2D Backpack, Japanese School Bag + More

    We've restocked plenty of cool bags for you from 2D Anime Backpacks to the iconic Randoseru backpack plus anime bags and more. Click to browse.view products
  • Restocked Sumikko Gurashi Plushies Too

    Restocked Sumikko Gurashi Plushies, Too

    One of the cutest characters to come out of Japan in years is Sumikko Gurashi, the weird cat/bear/whatever that are so cute to hold.view products
  • Great Update of Import PSVita Anime Games

    Great Update of Import PSVita Anime Games

    A wonderful new visual novel for the PS Vita about a young man who wants to spend his precious "last summer" with his friends who happen to be cute girls. Moe!view products
  • Futon for Smart Phone Gudetama ver Individual

    Futon for Smart Phone Gudetama ver. Individual

    J-List is loaded with fun products for your iPhone or Android phone, incl. a Japanese style futon bed for your phone featuring Gudetama.view products
  • Itazura Cat Coin Banks

    Itazura Cat Coin Banks!

    Save money with the Cute Itazura Banks from Japan, featuring a little cat that will paw away at any money that's left his the plate! Adorable.view products
  • Kanji Study Notebooks Fude Pens

    Kanji Study Notebooks, "Fude" Pens

    A nice update of "fude" pens for creating Japanese calligraphy with, plus notebooks to help you learn Japanese!view products
  • Todays New Snacks from Japan

    Today's New Snacks from Japan

    A huge update of new snacks from Japan, including Doritos Basil and Cheese flavor, Spinach candy, UHA Puccho Grape flavor, and more.view products
  • Delicious Tea for Otaku Other Anime Snacks

    Delicious Tea for Otaku + Other Anime Snacks

    If you're an otaku looking for the perfect drink, then these delicious new tea packs are just for you! Available in Earl Grey or Darjeeling. Click to browse.view products
  • Fanta Shikwasa Citrus Depressa Soda

    Fanta Shikwasa (Citrus Depressa) Soda

    Coca Cola's Fanta soda is enjoyed by everyone here in Japan and comes in a variety of wild flavors to keep our tastebuds dancing. Taste the new Shikwasa soda!view products
  • Restocked Popin Cookin Other Japan Snacks

    Restocked Popin' Cookin,' Other Japan Snacks

    If you haven't played with the Popin' Cookin' and other DIY snacks from Kracie, you haven't been having enough fun. Browse the newest fun items.view products
  • Studio Ghibli and Other Bento Boxes Restocked

    Studio Ghibli and Other Bento Boxes Restocked

    We've also restocked several of our favorite Ghibli bento boxes, plus other great bento boxes from Japan. Click to browse now.view products
  • Mamas Assist Mini Source Cup Panda Rabbit

    Mama's Assist Mini Source Cup (Panda & Rabbit)

    Add some cute, reusable containers to your bento that promote healthy eating, with these animal themed mini containers by Mama's Assist.view products
  • Japanese Sandwich Cutters Training Chopsticks

    Japanese Sandwich Cutters, Training Chopsticks!

    We love the way Japanese sandwiches are often served cut and "pressed" together with the insides sealed. Now you can try it, too!view products
  • Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Mug Cup

    Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Mug Cup

    Here's a cool cup that will brighten your day. Features art of Megumi, Utaha, and Eriri from the fun anime Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.view products
  • Sailor Moon Crystal Rubber Coaster

    Sailor Moon Crystal Rubber Coaster

    Here's a great way to put your cups on with these cute Sailor Moon Crystal Coasters in six kawaii designs for you to collect. Awesome!view products
  • Bruce Lee SH Figuarts

    Bruce Lee S.H. Figuarts

    Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line of action figures pays tribute to legendary action star Bruce Lee, by making him their latest action figure in their line up!view products
  • Kotori Minami Nendoroid Figure Training Outfit Ver

    Kotori Minami Nendoroid Figure Training Outfit Ver.

    Fans of popular idol anime Love Live! are in for a treat with this cute Nendoroid of cute idol Kotori Minami in her training outfit! Preorder now.view products
  • Lum Gigantic Series Figure Urusei Yatsura

    Lum Gigantic Series Figure ~ Urusei Yatsura

    We're big fans of old school moe characters, and one of our favorites is Lum, the original invader from space. Here's a superb figure that you'll love to display.view products

New and Restocked NSFW / 18+ Products

  • Cho Very Good S-Kyu Gal Sep 2015

    Cho Very Good!! S-Kyu Gal! Sep 2015

    The new issue of Cho Very Good S-Kyu is here, featuring tanned naughty Tokyo girls printed bare, plus more free DVDs to check out inside the issue.view products
  • Love Para -- Yura Sakura

    Love Para -- Yura Sakura

    Fans of super cute AV performer Yura Sakura will love this mind blowing limited edition photobook, featuring tons of superb pics of her.view products
  • Pleasure of the Forbidden Girl Other New H-Manga

    Pleasure of the Forbidden Girl + Other New H-Manga

    Head over to our hentai manga section to browse our new titles, including this amazing full color manga, in huge A4 size, about cute schoolgirls.view products
  • Otokonoko to Kosutte Ichaitai

    Otokonoko to Kosutte Ichaitai

    Wow! These new manga titles are really cute, but then again most good joso are. Check out some new cross-dressing manga titles here.view products
  • citrus 1 - New Edition

    citrus 1 - New Edition

    This is a gorgeous re-release of the classic manga series from Saberouta and Yurihime Comics about a very special yuri love affair between two sisters.view products
  • Excellent New H Manga Restocked

    Excellent New 'H' Manga Restocked

    Today's restocked ero works include LIfe of H and Sexuality, Pregnancy Diary, Katekano Limited Edition with Idol Sister, Hunter Heroine and more!view products
  • ICHIGO SIZE - Eri Natsume Art Works Limited Edition

    ICHIGO SIZE - Eri Natsume Art Works Limited Edition

    J-List is loaded with high quality ecchi artbooks for our customers to browse through. See fresh stock of Eri Natsume's gorgeous artbook now!view products
  • Huge New Ecchi Figures Posted

    Huge New "Ecchi" Figures Posted

    Japan makes some amazing ecchi figures, and we've got several new figures that are absolutely delightful. We'll be in our bunks.view products
  • Come on Join Anus

    Come on! Join Anus!!

    Every man is curious about anal sex, but finding a girl who's let us try it can be a challenge. Lucky for us, Japan has our back with this new anaru product.view products
  • Comfy Oppai Pillow Restocked

    Comfy Oppai Pillow Restocked

    There are sometimes wacky items flowing out of Japan, like this comfy oppai pillow, because we all need something soft to touch sometimes. Now restocked!view products
  • Real Deep Throat More Restocked

    Real Deep Throat, More Restocked

    What can we say? Our customers love the uber realistic Real Deep Throat "oral" toy. We've restocked this and many other "stress relief" products. Take a look!view products
  • Catgirl Other Popular Onaholes

    Catgirl, Other Popular Onaholes

    See our popular onahole toys restocked, including the Trick Girl Cat Girl simulator, Watamote parody hole, USB onahole warmer, and more.view products
  • Great Personal Lotion for Otakus

    Great Personal Lotion for Otakus

    Also restocked today, the official (?) lotion of Azunyan from K-On!, a great slippery lubricant for all your private stress relief needs.view products
  • Fun Anaru Toys for Guys and Girls

    Fun "Anaru" Toys for Guys and Girls

    If you're curious about trying new things, we restocked several ecchi toys for those curious about "anaru" themes, both for guys and girls.view products
  • Awesome Massagers from Japan Posted

    Awesome Massagers from Japan Posted

    We've restocked some other fun products for our female customers, including Nipple Attack, the only nipple vibrators you need, really.view products
  • CUSTOM MAID 3D with Chu-B Lip

    CUSTOM MAID 3D with Chu-B Lip

    Another amazing example of technology is the Chu-B Lip wireless USB onahole with an updated version of Custom Girl 3D Software. What adventures will you have?view products
  • School Days an Awesome English Eroge

    School Days, an Awesome English Eroge

    Today's recommended English eroge is School Days, the full animated amazing game that's completely uncensored + super awesome!view products
  • New Import H Games Toriko no Shirabe

    New Import "H" Games: Toriko no Shirabe

    Another great eroge from Japan, this one features a dark and erotic story about six beautiful girls caught in a web of desire. Click to browse.view products
  • Box Girl Uploading Girls Works 2 in 1 BDPG

    Box Girl & Uploading Girl's Works 2 in 1 BDPG

    You do not need to setup anything to enjoy these great eroge we posted today, unlike their PC counterparts, all you need is a Blu-ray player and you're all set.view products
  • First Nakadashi -- Kana Yume Blu-ray

    First Nakadashi! -- Kana Yume (Blu-ray)

    Kana Yume looks stunning in 1080p as she accepts her first-ever nakadashi for her fans, a real treat for fans of nakadashi and AV idols.view products
  • Female Director Harunas Lesbian Nampa -- New Half Akari Yukino

    Female Director Haruna's Lesbian!? Nampa -- New Half Akari Yukino

    Famed Female lesbian director does it again with her latest Lesbian Nampa series with a new twist. New Half picking up girls for "H" is fun to watch!view products
  • K-cup AV Mega Debut -- Shizuku Amai

    K-cup AV Mega Debut! -- Shizuku Amai

    Then it's time for another amazing release from AV maker Toma Hawk, the 120 cm "K" cup body of Shizuku Amai. Click to see now.view products
  • Finally More Gorgeous Ero DVDs Blu-rays

    Finally, More Gorgeous Ero DVDs & Blu-rays

    Finally, enjoy a big update of super ecchi works including but not limited to Super Sailor Moon Ero Cosplay and 100 Cute Girls Best 8 Hours, Sora Aoi Special 12 Hours, Rola Misaki and Azumi Kinoshita, Women who are Addicted to Women, Momoiro Milk, Complete Works of Gina Gearson in Japan, Russian Blonde JK, and more!VIEW PRODUCTS