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Friday, September 4, 2015

The relationship of China and Japan, plus Star Wars and Japan.

The relationship of China and Japan, plus SF themes in anime.

Japan’s relationship with China is a long and varied one. Long before Japan became smitten with the desire to industrialize and be like "Britain-senpai" (complete with an overseas empire), it was in the cultural orbit of China. From the 5th through the 9th centuries A.D., virtually all of Japan’s culture, from kanji writing to architecture to Buddhism, flowed either directly from China or filtered through the Korean Peninsula. Japanese have a deep cultural respect for China's past, and my wife will occasionally say things like, "Don't make fun of China, they have 5000 years of history!" They were the ones who gave Japan its name (日本 nihon), which means "origin of the sun" since Japan is where the sun comes from when viewed from China, and today Japan is benefiting greatly from unceasing waves of Chinese tourists who come to buy high quality goods. But there's friction in the air, too. Yesterday China celebrated its "defeat" of Japan 70 years ago with a huge "Soviet-esque" military parade, though since I know how much Japan's neighbors care about the accuracy of history textbooks, I might point out that the parades should have been held in Taiwan, as it was the Kuomintang and not the Communist Party that was in power when Japan was defeated. The parade was really a show of military strength aimed at Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, who are all affected by China's new policy of insisting that the South China Sea it its sole territory rather than international waters shared by all surrounding nations. 

Looking back over my life, there have been two main influences: Star Wars and Japan, which is kind of funny since both are sides of the same coin. Many of the concepts found in modern sci-fi were inspired by Japan, for example the warlike Klingons and the apes from Planet of the Apes, both of whom were created by writers who fought the Japanese in the Pacific during WWII then used their experiences to create fearsome fictional warrior societies. George Lucas has also been known to mine Japan for ideas. The Jedi are stylized samurai who wield the Force instead of the life energy known as ki (also written chi), and their name comes from 時代劇 jidai-geki, the period dramas that Lucas was a fan of. Vader was also inspired by Japan, getting his helmet and famous "Darth" prefix from feudal lord Date Masamune. If you're a Star Wars fan, you'll be happy to hear that J-List posted a ton of only-available-from-Japan products today, from official Star Wars pens and notebooks to awesome character clips and more. Browse them all now, and preorder early as most items cannot be reordered!

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    New Anime Magazines incl Comic Alive Oct 2015

    New Anime Magazines incl. Comic Alive Oct 2015

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  • Dengeki Gs Comic Oct 2015

    Dengeki G's Comic Oct 2015

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  • Great Sailor Moon Products In Stock Today

    Great Sailor Moon Products In Stock Today

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  • STAR WARS Action Figure Pens from Japan

    STAR WARS Action Figure Pens from Japan

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  • Other Awesome New Star Wars Products

    Other Awesome New Star Wars Products!

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  • 2016 Anime Calendars are Up for Order

    2016 Anime Calendars are Up for Order!

    More great news today: the 2016 anime calendars finally dropped, and we've got them all up on the site now. Browse Totoro, Ghibli, Sword Art Online and more.view products
  • 2016 Anime Calendar -- Miku Hatsune

    2016 Anime Calendar -- Miku Hatsune

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  • 2016 Anime Calendar -- SHIROBAKO

    2016 Anime Calendar -- SHIROBAKO

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    Monogatari Series Second Season Glasses

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  • Kawaii Rilakkuma Products incl Toothbrush Set

    Kawaii Rilakkuma Products incl. Toothbrush Set

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    Official Touhou Plush Toys In Stock Now

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  • Awesome All-Ages Import PC Games Too

    Awesome All-Ages Import PC Games, Too

    A great update of PG and ecchi game titles from Japan for you. Learn Japanese while you fall in love! What could be better!view products
  • Nihongo FUN and EASY Japanese for Beginners

    Nihongo FUN and EASY ~ Japanese for Beginners

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  • Frito-Lay Royal Doritos Garlic Shrimp Flavor

    Frito-Lay Royal Doritos Garlic Shrimp Flavor

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    UHA Love Live! Puccho World

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    Lots of Restocked J-Snacks, Too

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    Great Bento Boxes Restocked for Spring

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  • Kawaii Bento and Kitchen Accessories

    Kawaii Bento and Kitchen Accessories

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  • Ochatomo Series Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart Cafe

    Ochatomo Series Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart Cafe

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  • Golden Darkness 17 Figure White Swimsuit ver

    Golden Darkness 1/7 Figure White Swimsuit ver.

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    Order 2016 Calendars During our Early Bird Special

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    Huge Stock of Touhou Keychains, T-Shirts & More

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  • Saki Nagatsuka 17 Figure Bunny Girl ver

    Saki Nagatsuka 1/7 Figure Bunny Girl ver.

    If you're a fan of illustrator "Tinkle" (that's his name, we swear) and the Ro-Kyu-Bu moe girl's basketball anime, then you should see this.view products
  • Caster Figure Casual Wear ver plus Other Figures

    Caster Figure Casual Wear ver, plus Other Figures

    See a bunch of other figures too, including the super sexy Caster Casual Wear from Fate/EXTRA CCC, plus Ranma 1/2, and the D-Dog wolf from Metal Gear Solid.view products
  • Miku Hatsune 18 Figure Greatest Idol Ver

    Miku Hatsune 1/8 Figure Greatest Idol Ver.

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New and Restocked NSFW / 18+ Products

  • OL After Seven Collaboration with SOD

    OL After Seven Collaboration with SOD

    A great magazine that focuses on OLs, the lovely women who dress professionally and are so prim and proper even as they sleep with their coworkers after hours.view products
  • New Sexy Photobook Love Tabi -- Hibiki Otsuki

    New Sexy Photobook: Love Tabi -- Hibiki Otsuki

    Another of Japan's most popular AV Idols currently in the business, this is Hibiki Otsuki, who delights us in her newest glossy photobook. view products
  • New Manga Anekano Older Sister Girlfriend

    New Manga: Anekano ~ Older Sister Girlfriend

    Here's another outstanding work by hentai illustrator Zen9 (Zen 9), who has brought us many sexual works over the years.view products
  • Private Futanari School Student Council

    Private! Futanari School Student Council

    Here's a great erotic work for fans of hentai manga specializing in themes like futanari, females' bodies turning male and more. Why the hell not?view products
  • Tons of new Doujinshi from the Latest Comiket

    Tons of new Doujinshi from the Latest Comiket

    See tons of new doujinshi posted from the latest Comic Market, too, including Sailor Moon, Umaru, Fate/stay night, God Eater and more. Very fun to browse!view products
  • Restocked Ero Manga Goddess of Feet

    Restocked Ero Manga: Goddess of Feet?

    See popular comics restocked, too, including Nyotaika (boys turning into girls suddenly), Wagamama Oppai, Ashigami ~ Goddess of Feet and more.view products
  • Get Comic AG with our Popular AGSET sets

    Get Comic AG with our Popular "AGSET" sets

    Comic AG from Icarus Comics is available on J-List, and the best way to buy them is using our AGSET discount sets. Hurry, as several issues are in danger of selling out soon.view products
  • Alleyn 18 Excellent Model Cast Off Figure

    Alleyn 1/8 Excellent Model "Cast Off" Figure

    The Queen's Blade figure series continues strong with this epic new figure of sexy Elf Alleyne! We've got lots of other figures with boobies too.view products
  • Epicuria DX Magical Onahole

    Epicuria DX Magical Onahole

    It's time for another realistic onahole from Japan, this time in the form of the Magical School Epicuria, with so much realistic detail, you might propose to it.view products
  • Japans Best Otaku Girlfriend Simulators

    Japan's Best Otaku Girlfriend Simulators

    All guys would like a cute otaku girlfriend to date, and J-List can help with our Watamote, Kuroneko and other similarly themed onahole toys. So realistic!view products
  • Our Legendary Cat Tail Butt Plug Restocked

    Our Legendary Cat Tail Butt Plug Restocked

    The wonderful toy that lets a girl become a cat-girl in an interesting way is a certified J-List legend. Now back in stock!view products
  • Better Stress Relief Through Science

    Better Stress Relief Through Science

    We have a huge update of the R-1 Starter Set, Predator Want and other amazing devices made by the Rends company for our increased joy.view products
  • Japanese Vibrators Dont Forget the Batteries

    Japanese Vibrators: Don't Forget the Batteries

    J-List's female customers are stressed out, too, and we want to help them, too. See today's list of restocked female massagers.view products
  • Todays Recommended H-Game Imouto Paradise

    Today's Recommended H-Game: Imouto Paradise

    Spend your summer vacation living with your 5 cute little sisters in this brand new English-translated eroge by Manga Gamer, now in stock!view products
  • AV Debut -- Monika Hasegawa Blu-ray

    AV Debut! -- Monika Hasegawa (Blu-ray)

    Watch out! The lovely Hasegawa Monika has entered the JAV world, making her official debut as an AV actress.view products
  • 50 Tekoki Festival DX 4 Hours

    50 Tekoki Festival! DX 4 Hours

    Here's a special treat from Japan: a collection of fifty super hot girls presenting guys with tekoki, or handjobs.view products
  • Fallen Tentacle -- Serina Hayakawa region 2

    Fallen Tentacle -- Serina Hayakawa (region 2)

    High quality Japanese AV studio Outvision and legendary M's Factory has a great new "naughty tentacle" live action hentai work for us to enjoy.view products
  • Chika Arimura x Anime Cosplay

    Chika Arimura x Anime Cosplay

    If there's one thing we know, it's that the lovely Arimura Chika is the JAV cosplay queen, and whenever she makes a new release we pay close attention.view products
  • Twintails Other Gorgeous Ero DVDs Blu-rays

    Twintails, Other Gorgeous Ero DVDs & Blu-rays

    Enjoy a huge restocking of ecchi JAV titles, including the great Twin Tail Bishoujo Ecchi 8 Hours, Double Cast with Mana Sakura and China Matsuoka, prime hentai works like Elf Princess Nina and Princess Knight Catue, Risa Hoshimi's Nakadashi 10 Times, Julia Hasegawa Paipan Eighteen in California, Sailor Moon Lingerie Girls, plus Risa Tsukino, Triple Girl x Girl and more.VIEW PRODUCTS