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  • KBN410

    Totoro Karuta

    Karuta is a fun traditional card game beloved by children in Japan for learning to quickly recognize Japanese characters. An excellent way to study. Karuta comes with two sets of cards. On each card of one set (the player set...

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  • AIP1155

    Japanese Sword Encyclopedia

    For lovers of Japanese culture and swords in particular, we have an exciting new book for you! This encyclopedia of Japanese swords contains over 144 pages of full color analysis, facts and history. This book accommodates all...

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  • AIP893

    Shukujo Teki Nichijou ~ A Lady's Daily Life

    Here's an elegant moeru series travel book / artbook / photobook that suggests some places in Japan you should really plan on visiting, with photos, beautiful illustrated images and travel info (alas in Japanese) on the places in...

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